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Your Brand, Our Tech

Your Brand, Our Tech

We are all too aware of how much time and money is wasted on high transaction fees and pos software upgrades. So why would anyone want to use something so outdated?

Tap to Pay is a new payment pos system for companies wanting to connect faster, more efficiently, and more cost-effectively.

If you’re running a modern company, you’re going to want to get Tap to Pay to start getting paid in Bitcoin.

What’s the first thing you’ll notice when you try our payment hub? It’s simplicity packed with power.

The payment hub is durable and features waterproof/tearproof materials that make it long-lasting, even when handled frequently.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to how you can use Tap to Pay.

Your customers can quickly pay your business in Bitcoin that converts to USD instantly or you can split you earning. What makes these awesome is you will now save money on receipts, power and wifi.

We use state-of-the-art technology (like Apple Pay and Google Pay!). Once the payment hub is scanned, or tapped they can instantly pay without any receipts or manual work!

Payment Hub

Payment Hub

Get paid in Bitcoin instantly over lightning or on chain

No App Required

A notification will show up instantly on receiving devices

Always Synced

Any changes to your profile are instantly updated

Privacy Protected

No passwords or data retrieved when tapping your smart cart


High durability and waterproof. You will never need another POS


We continuously push new software updates to empower your business

Stop losing money

Did you know over 80% of payments are still done in person? 

How many people do you think own Bitcoin or are would love to help your business save on transaction fees?

$4-8 Billion Average Daily Transactions go through Bitcoin!

Stop paying high credit card fees on every swipe. Make your business stand out with your Bitcoin Payment Hub. 

Our hubs are digital and can be fully branded so that you can share all your business information all at once! 

People are ready to spend Bitcoin. Over 50 million Americans own Bitcoin!

Our Bitcoin Payment hubs can help you, your business, and your bottom dollar! 

Discover what else Tap to Pay can do for your business. 

Save Money

Customize your package to fit all your company needs without the extra hassle, expensive shipping, or having to update POS systems.

Connect Faster

Transfer payment information instantly. Simply wave your phone over the hub and watch as your customers pay you in Bitcoin.

Stay Current

Ensure your business information is always accurate and current without waiting on new updates or managing an old system.

Don’t Miss Out

The difference between money made and money lost can be as simple as adding this Bitcoin POS system. Never lose money again with our 0% transaction fees.

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All newly released smartphones have built-in Apple Pay and Google Pay readers so there’s no longer a need to download a reader app. For our tech all you need to do is hold and tap the smart phone on the payment hub and open the notification that appears. For QR open your smartphone’s camera, point it at the code, tap the dropdown banner, and you’ll be taken to the QR code’s scan destination. Instantly a payment experience will appear.

In as few as 7-14 business days. If on custom order 21-30 days.

Our smart payment hubs should work with most Android devices and iPhones. All phones that have Apple Pay and Google Pay. 

With the digital actions of our smart payment hubs, you can grow your sales interactions through our powerful software. Our technology has the power transform payments into the future by eliminating payment processing fees, power, wifi and bluetooth.

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